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Simulx 2.2.0

Apr 29 2015

Simulx is a function of the R package mlxR. Simulx allows one to simulate complex models for longitudinal data by interfacing the C++ MlxLibrary with R.
Learn how to use Simulx with many illustrative examples
Instruction for installation here:

mlxR 2.2.0 is now on CRAN.  The development version of mlxR is also on GitHub
Some new functions have been added to mlxR:
  -  kmplotmlx.R :  Kaplan Meier plot
  -  catplotmlx.R :  Plot the empirical distribution of categorical longitudinal data

Shiny applications using Simulx are part of a showcase on the Rstudio website:
The R codes for these Shiny applications are available on the Simulx website:

Work package: 

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