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The DDMoRe model repository has reached a milestone!

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Have you seen that more than 100 models have been shared in the DDMoRe Model Repository ( only a few weeks after the end of the project?

These models cover many therapeutic areas (e.g. 24 oncology models, 19 diabetes models) as well as models with advanced technical features (e.g. Markov models, item response theory models) Do you know that they are ready to be used, and can be downloaded right now (as original code or in one of the DDMoRe modelling languages)?
See here two examples: (original code) or (pharmML/MDL code)

You don’t need to register to browse and download! Why? Because we believe in community sharing, and the more we share and receive input, the better our models become. Because the best part of pharmacometrics is that we are learning all the time. Because a good, actual working model example, properly annotated, is worth ten written descriptions in a journal article. And because openness and transparency are essential to allow others to critique and follow our work.
Don’t you agree?

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